TRENTON — Work vans and cars belong on roads. Not the fronts of businesses or swimming pools.

But a work van crashed through the front of Capitol Floor Covering on Broad Street in Hamilton on Sunday morning, according to a post on the company's Facebook page.

"Unfortunately a drunk driver lost control of their work van and decided to crash into our plate glass storefront," read the post, with pictures of the damage.

Car into a pool in Toms River
(Jim George)

The post said the store cleaned up the mess and boarded up the window, but estimates it will be another month before repairs are complete.

"The whole front needs to be redone, and that means architect, permits, inspections, etc. Probably be close to a month if I had to guess," the post reads.

Hamilton Police said the van, an Econoline van was traveling east when it hit a Toyota Highlander parked on Broad Street. The driver of the van lost control and hit the Capital Flooring storefront. A witness said the driver fled on foot.

The driver was described as a black male around 30 years old wearing a dark colored jacket and tan pants, according to police.

Any other witnesses are asked by Hamilton Police to call 609-581-4000.

Capital Flooring has been at the same location since 1970 and has never had anything like this happen before, according to the store owner.

In a separate incident, a Toms River homeowner woke up Monday to a car sticking out of the side of his above-ground swimming pool, causing water to flood his back yard.

"We just had someone go up our driveway, smash through our backyard gate, take out some trees & land in our pool," Jim George said on his Facebook page.

Toms River Police have not yet returned messages seeking additional information.

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