BORDENTOWN — One of the organizations that may benefit from donations to homeless man Johnny Bobbit could be a group that helped him with his own struggles.

Bobbit set off a chain-reaction of kindness when Kate McClure of Bordentown ran out of gas on Route 95 in Philadelphia, and he used his last $20 to buy her gas. In turn, She set up a a GoFundMe page to help Bobbit get back on his feet, to raise money for an apartment and a car.

In 16 days, the fund raised has more than $380,000 from more 13,000 donors. But Bobbit doesn't plan to keep it all.

"This money was given to help me. Why not help other people in similar situations or people that are actively helping other people in different situations?" he said during an interview on Good Morning America.

One of the groups he would like to help is the Sunday Love Project, McLure said in a Tweet:

The Sunday Love Project has not yet returned a call seeking comment.

In a update to the GoFundMe page on Monday, McClure thanked all who donated.

"Once again, we couldn't thank all of you enough for the kindness you have shown. Mark and I are beyond humbled and grateful that you took our little project and turned it into a world wide cause that thousands of people supported," she wrote.

Bobbitt will soon be getting a new home and his dream truck, a 1999 Ford Ranger. McClure said a trust will be set up for him to draw a small "salary." A second trust will be invested by a financial planner, to  allow Bobbit to reach a second goal of living in a cabin in country.

"This is a well-thought-out plan that Johnny his lawyer and financial advisor came up with in order to give Johnny the means to acclimate back into a 'normal' life and also to protect him and ensure he has a bright future," McClure wrote.

McClure said that Bobbit also has a new computer as well.

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