It's a girl!

With no time to get to the hospital, a baby girl entered the world with the help of two police officers in Burlington County.

(Photo Courtesy: Evesham Township Police Department)

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Evesham Police responded to a call at a residence in the township on July 24 for a woman in labor with her first child.

Officers Matthew Addezio, who Evesham Police said is a U.S. Air Force trained combat medic, "quickly recognized that there was no time to wait for paramedics…the baby was coming now."

He instantly reacted and knew what to do and so along with Officer Anthony Padulese responded to the call. helped deliver "a beautiful and healthy baby girl within minutes of arriving on scene."

On Thursday of this week, a reunion took place as Officers Addezio and Padulese went back to the home to welcome the newest member of ETPD meeting with the baby, Ar'mani Brown-Campbell, and her Mom, Dy’Shanye, Dad, Imani and her grandmother.

They even brought her a 'uniform' to represent the department.

(Photo Courtesy: Evesham Township Police Department)

Evesham Police said they get a lot of these types of calls per year and officers are usually the first to assist on scene.

"In 99.9% of those cases, Officers provide initial care until EMS arrives and takes over. Well this time was the .1% and for Officers Matthew Addezio and Anthony Padulese something very special was about to happen. The Evesham Township Police Department is extremely proud of Officers Addezio and Padulese for their quick action and compassion."

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