My BFF calls me and says she is having her baby early.  Exciting!  Next out of her mouth, "but I need you to do something for me...I need you to pick up the baby's cord blood kit and get it to me before the me at the exit on the way to the hospital".  No pressure right?!?!

Baby blood cord kit Photo credit: Shannon Holly

I tell her that I'm on the case, I hop into my car like batman and race down to the cord blood place. I get there in record time (I must say that I was pretty pleased with myself) of course I was celebrating too early because a police officer was soon blocking my path and told me I've gone as far as I can go. I calmly explained that my friend is about to give birth and I need to get this kit to her asap and he was not interested. He told me to "go around" and that the road was closed. He uttered some directions, clearly not knowing that I am directionally challenged.  Knowing that Christina was counting on me I squeezed my eyebrows together (I do that when I really concentrate) and I tried to let his directions sink into my brain as my contradicting GPS was screaming at me.

You know when you try to remember something like a long code number or something you just keep saying it out loud over and over so you don't forget it?  I was doing that, alone in my car so I would be able to get to this place.  I took some turns, none of them correct and decided to go right to the source because I don't have time to waste.

I called the facility directly for some hand-holding at this point just as they are closing up shop. I explained that I will literally launch myself through their window like Spiderman if I have to to get this kit. Probably a bit frightened, she said she would send someone down to meet me on the street corner to get the a drug deal.

I accept her kind yet untraditional offer and after many twists and turns I got eyes on the target.  Again, I'm very pleased with myself, I get out of my car, and take a breath knowing, I got the goods.

OK, now I'm on my way to her...this is the easy part right?  Just hop on the GSP and's 3pm so traffic should not be too bad right?

GSP sign Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Wrong. Bumper to bumper for 25 mins I don't move...WTH?!?!?

Traffic GSP Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Now I'm cursing the cars in front of me like they should know that a little human is on the way and I have a prego friend waiting for me at the Vauxhall Rest Stop Northbound before exit 142.

By some miracle, I get there ahead of her which gave me great's the last photo of Christina pregnant before baby Mateo is on the outside!  Why does she look so calm?  Doesn't she know we're having a baby?!?!?!

Shannon's BFF Christina on her way to have her baby Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Well, it turns out that we didn't have to rush, Christina was in labor for 26 hours!!!!  Not a typo...26 HOURS.  (She better use that fact on every mother's day to leverage an upgraded gift).  Christina will be the first to tell you that it was worth it all because he is perfect. Let the world warmly welcome Mateo John 6lbs. are already so loved!

Shannon's friend Christina and her new baby boy Mateo Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Baby Mateo Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Good job mama!  Do you have a baby story?  Is there anyone out there who actually delivered a baby in a pinch?  If so we want your story for the morning show!

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