Who doesn't love candy?

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Especially as we inch closer and closer to Halloween.

I can't wait to be handing out Halloween candy, and we've already got our supply of treats ready to go in our Halloween bowl.

Photo by Shaikh Irfan on Unsplash
Photo by Shaikh Irfan on Unsplash

Every year, my wife and I hand out rice crispy treats and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, we always have a non-candy option just in case.

Up until now, I just assumed Reese's Peanut Butter cups were the best candy in the country.

I mean, it's peanut butter and chocolate what's not to love?

And if you pop them in the freezer for a few hours, it's the best way to eat them!

However, I'm not a candy expert, and I also never took the time to survey the state of New Jersey about its favorite candy.

Photo by Sebbi Strauch on Unsplash
Photo by Sebbi Strauch on Unsplash

That's what the people at Titlemax are for.

They analyzed years' worth of data provided by Candystore.com to figure out what the most popular candy in each state is.

I'll be honest, I don't really agree with the number one choice for New Jersey.

I'll take the second and third most popular candies instead.

So, What Is The Most Popular Candy In New Jersey?

Before we break that down, let's look at third place and second place.

According to Candystore.com the third most popular candy in the Garden State is Skittles, with roughly 139, 821 pounds of candy bought or eaten!

The second most popular candy in Jersey is M&M's, not even the fun peanut butter, or caramel ones, just plain M&M's.

And, What's The Number One Candy In New Jersey?

According to Candystore.com, the most popular candy in New Jersey has been asking the same question for decades; how many licks to get to the center?

Photo by Taylor Rooney on Unsplash
Photo by Taylor Rooney on Unsplash

That's right, Tootsie Pops were found to be the most popular candy in all of New Jersey with over 145,000 pounds being bought and consumed each year.

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