Who knew there would ever be a shark in New Jersey that you would want to encounter?

According to News12.com, one of the most famous sharks is coming to three cities in the Garden State for a pretty cool performance this upcoming weekend!

Introducing Jaws in Concert! *Cue creepy Jaws music*

Jaws in Concert (Photo Credit: Count Basie)
Jaws in Concert (Photo Credit: Count Basie)

This live concert comes at a time when shark attacks are top of mind for everyone in New Jersey.

According to NewJerseyStage.com, "last year 47 people were attacked and bitten by sharks in the U.S., [that's] about one third who were attacked and bitten worldwide."

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On top of that, the number of shark sightings off the coast of New Jersey reached an all time high this past year because the water is the cleanest it has ever been.

So let's go see yet another shark at Jaws in Concert!

Swim your way to Red Bank, Newark or New Brunswick this weekend to enjoy the movie Jaws on a large, HD screen with, "a live orchestra playing the music from the film," according to News12.com.

Great white shark "smiling"
Ramon Carretero

I bet you it will be so intense with the live music.

Here are the venues and times for the upcoming performances.

On Friday, October 28th, Jaws in Concert will be shown at The Count Basie Center in Red Bank at 8:00 PM.

It will then head to the Performing Arts Center in Newark on Saturday, October 29th with an 8:00 PM start time.

To finish,  Jaws in Concert will be playing at New Brunswick's State Theater on Sunday, October 30th at 3:00 PM.

Plus, this event happening on Halloween weekend is very smart timing. I consider this film to be a sub-genre of horror.

So you enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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