Many of us are trying to stay in pretty good shape, I am trying hard to keep myself healthy and feeling good, but there are temptations that are out there that make it hard sometimes to stay 100 percent on track with diet and exercise.


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The temptation I am talking about is "bread". I love bread, all kinds of bread. I could make a meal on bread alone with maybe a little butter. It is definitely my weakness and those carbs are a hazard, but nothing beats a good piece of bread with dinner. The "bread bowls" with soup are an addiction, I love having soup in one of the bread bowls and of course, after the soup, I will devour the bowl! Good thing the spoon isn't made of bread or that would go too lol

I'm not a big fan of white bread, I prefer rye, marble, sourdough, wheat, and cornbread. All of these types of bread are just too good and if it's fresh, forget about it. So as you can see I need to stay clear of bread lol
 Victoria Shes Victoria Shes



According to "Love Food", the best spot in New Jersey for bread is located in Hudson County in Hoboken at the Old German Bakery. "A taste of Germany in New Jersey, Old German Bakery sells a range of dark, crusty breads from aromatic rye to rich and hearty pumpernickel. The bread rolls are a speciality and there are plenty to choose from here, including pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, multi-grain with poppy and sesame seeds, and classic crusty white."



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I love the look of this place it's like something right out of Europe and you can smell the bread coming out of the oven. Have you ever visited the Old German Bakery in Hoboken? If so let us know your review. Post your comments below and any recommendations you have for good bakeries here at the Jersey Shore.
 Lena Mytchyk Lena Mytchyk


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