Deep down, each of us in the Garden State think we are pretty awesome drivers, and a recent study might just prove us right.

When we hit the roads in the Garden State we all have a few things in common. First, we think we're good drivers. And secondly, everyone driving around us is not as good. Turns out, we might be right on the first point, and wrong on the second one.

According to a study published at, New Jersey drivers are the considered the fourth best drivers in the nation, tied with Ohio. That's pretty high praise for a state that has been the punchline for driving jokes for years.

Some of the criteria studied to come up with these results include, speeding, careless driving and drunk driving statistics. Iowa, Minnesota and Virginia were the only states that ranked ahead of us.

So, it turns out that we are as good as we think on the roadways of New Jersey. We do, however, have to give our fellow drivers a little bit of a break. As hard as it is to believe sometimes, they are pretty good drivers too.

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