To call this Mets season a disappointment could possibly be the largest sports understatement in history.

Instead of talking about things like wins, home runs, playoffs and World Series, Mets fans have spent the summer using words like disabled list, season ending surgery, ugly loss and calcified heels (Yoenis Cespedes' latest injury).

So, with all the pain Mets fans have gone through this summer, you might think there are no words to console us. But I think I have found the two words that will put a smile on our season.

Now, before you put on that 'Jersey Shore late summer, don't you dare talk about fall' face, you should know that Giants training camp started yesterday, and the Jets start today. Or as I said a little season.

This is the time of year that I attempt to erase the agony of a miserable Mets season with the promise of a new Giants season. Odell is back, we have a great new running back, and the Giants world is full of hope.

So let's start the countdown for my first 'Eli Manning should retire rant' (which will begin the first time he throws a two foot pass directly into the ground in front of him).

The great news is that it's hard to be mad at the Mets and the Giants at the same time. It's not impossible, but it's hard. So Lets hope the Giants lift me out of my current sports hell. The Giants first game of the season is Sunday, September 9th at 1:00pm against the Jaguars.

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