The competition for "best small town restaurant" in America had to be tough, especially in New Jersey. A Jersey Shore favorite got the nod though.

Congrats to BagelMasters in Shrewsbury. According to the lifestyle website Thrillist, they are the best small town place to grab a bite.

The site broke it down by state and about BagelMasters said:

Its main specialty is bagels, so you won't find any gourmet cuisine here.

I don't know, this looks like gourmet cuisine to me. Lol.

The story behind BagelMasters is an interesting one. After studying Criminal Law at the University of Maryland, A Jersey guy named Darren returned to New Jersey, where he began working at the Fly Hatch, a fly fishing pro-shop.

One day Darren caught word that a local bagel business was for sale. At the age of 28, he scraped together whatever money he had, applied for a business loan, and took a risk.

The hard work paid off. Darren says the success of BagelMasters is not his alone. He gives full credit to his incredible staff, the community of Shrewsbury, and surrounding communities who have embraced and supported him through his journey.

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Thrillist went on to say:

The bagels are fluffy, cloud-soft, and bizarrely filling. The staff is on a first-name basis with more locals than the mayor, mailman, and preacher combined. Bagel Masters is the small-town restaurant.

BagelMasters has become very innovative over time. They have designed a school lunch program and their catering has become hugely popular.

Congrats to a Monmouth County favorite, BagelMasters!

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