HOLMDEL - A Belford 40-year-old, accused of belting a 17-year-old during a Sunday road rage encounter in Holmdel, has a court date to answer a charge of simple assault.

Holmdel police vehicle
Holmdel police vehicle (Holmdel Police)

According to township police, William Hyer triggered a fender-bender on Route 34, then hauled off when the teen tried to stop him from taking photos of the teen's car damage. Events leading up to that point contributed to the anger, police said.

The fight was reported at 12:58 PM on November 12. Arriving officers found evidence of the crash.

Investigators said that the chain of events began on Holmdel Road at Roberts Road, where both drivers waited for a green signal. The teen initiated a left-turn signal, ostensibly intending to turn from Roberts to Holmdel Road, but opted instead to continue along Roberts toward 34, police said.

Witnesses told officers that as both cars proceeded toward the highway, Hyers blasted the horn and flipped a rude gesture. At the highway intersection, Hyer turned southbound and deliberately drove below the speed limit until the teen attempted to pass his car, police said.

Hyer allegedly moved his car into the teen's path, creating the collision, and both stopped on the northbound shoulder.

During an exchange of information, Hyer tried to photograph the teen's license plate and car damage, which the teen tried to block, and the interaction grew heated. Walking side by side with the teen, Hyer turned and punched him in the face, then left before police arrived, investigators allege.

The teen was treated at Bayshore Hospital. Hyer appeared at Holmdel Police headquarters, authorities said.

Holmdel PD Lieutenant Keith Cannata, Sergeant Michael Hughes and Patrolmen John Maguire and Thomas Struble conducted the investigaiton.

Charges are accusations. Defendants are presumed innocent unless, and until, found guilty in a court of law.

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