Middle class families are finding it increasingly difficult to get by in New Jersey, and a recent publication has ranked the Garden State among the 5 worst states for the middle class.

Some of the categories that were considered by gobankingrates.com to determine each state's ranking included income, housing and higher education trends. It will come as no surprise to many Jersey Shore residents just how poorly we did.

Only 4 states in America fared worse than we did. Those states include from worst to fourth worst Hawaii, Massachusetts, California and New York. New Jersey ranked fifth worst in the nation.

In New Jersey, the study found, tuition is up 5.8% while medium household income in our state is down 6.1%, and those are just some of the numbers that might make you shake your head.

If you're wondering which states are the best for the middle class in the U.S.A. they are West Virginia (#3), South Dakota (#2) and the best state for the middle class according to the study is Iowa.

It's just another top 5 (or bottom 5 depending on how you look at it) that New Jersey doesn't want to be on, but we are nonetheless. At least the beaches are beautiful and the pizza is delicious, right?

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