Howell police were able to corral two fugitives who went galloping through town after a daring escape.

In a whimsical Facebook post, police detailed how two "mischievous ponies escaped from a summer riding camp on Casino Drive." Officers Matthew Cadot and Scott Bigelow were called to the scene.

They almost had them, as the ponies stopped to nibble on vegetation in the backyards of area residents, but the ponies had help.

Police had to call in a drone to track the ponies, because horses on adjacent properties started running around their paddocks, kicking up dust. The dust clouds obstructed the officers' view, and let the ponies prance away.

Officers finally set up a perimeter along Casino and Georgia Tavern Road to protect the ponies from being struck by passing vehicles and to contain them in the search area.

The ponies were finally captured safely, and walked about a half mile back to their owners at the riding camp.

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