There is so much being said about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp right now since they are airing their dirty laundry for public opinion.  I had a chance to spend some time with Johnny Depp but take it with a grain of salt because everyone is on their best behavior when they are with a member of the media.

Here is what happened.  I was hosting a red carpet event and interviewing celebrities on the line when Johnny and Alice Cooper walked in.  He was such an “A” lister they brought him in on a separate red carpet where he did not have to do interviews but could just wave to us.  I have some photos of that moment here:

Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Then, I was taking a long-distance selfie of us when he took notice.  Here is that photo.

Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Photo credit: Shannon Holly

He seemed intrigued and left the safety of his distant carpet to walk over and introduce himself. He said that he noticed I was taking a long-distance photo and he thought that we could do better. My friend took my phone and somehow did not get that shot.  The moment was gone, but the memory of our short chat still lives on in my mind.

Johnny was gracious and polite and was willing to chat until being pulled away by his handler.  I thought to myself, “what a nice guy”, I mean, he did not have to do that.   The problem is, do we ever really know how nice or not someone really is behind closed doors? I checked on Redditt to see if more of you had one on one time with Johnny and see what your vibe was.  There were some pretty telling responses.

What Is Johnny Depp Like In Real Life?

Cindy Hann

Former Principal Scientist (Retired)

I met Johnny in a “Meet and Greet “ at a Hollywood Vampires concert. Alice Cooper was also present but the other band member, Joe Perry, had collapsed on stage a few days earlier and was absent for this concert.


Each person only had a few moments to talk and pose with the singers, but everyone could see the interactions of about the 5 people in front of them. Both Johnny and Alice were charming and friendly to everyone. Many young beautiful woman were swooning over Johnny, but they all seemed to be saying the same thing about his being their favorite actor, how handsome he was, etc. I decided to talk more to Alice. Everyone in our family is a big Alice Cooper fan and we have attended several of his concerts. I told them about the stage prop cane we caught at an Alice concert and how it was a family heirloom we would need to list in our wills to avoid conflict between our kids. Johnny jumped in and started joking about buying the cane. Very casually chatting and very charismatic.


Johnny is very photogenic. In person, he is certainly an attractive man, but not someone you would pick out of a crowded room as the sexiest man attending. Super nice trumps super handsome in my book. This was in his Mohawk hair style period. Not a good look on him. He was also at his heaviest weight so his features weren’t as chiseled as usual.


Johnny had his arm around my shoulders for the pictures so I was basically in his armpit. I’ve read some reports criticizing his hygiene, but even on this very hot day with no air conditioning, no even remotely pungent smell. He and Alice were both sweating.


Sara Rashed

I met him at the Lone Ranger premiere in Disneyland. And he was so sweet. He took his time talking to each and every person that waited in line to see him and had genuine interactions and conversations with him. He didn’t seem bothered or annoyed or snobby. He was super sweet and kind to everyone there, including all the fans! I’ll never forget this.


Indie Comics Jones

I also met him very briefly after a Hollywood Vampires concert. We got our pictures were taken with Johnny, Alice, and Joe. They were all very cordial, we really didn't say too much to them. All three of them weren't that tall as they commented on how tall we all were. The four of us ranged from 5/6 to 6/6. They all seemed like very pleasant people.

So at the end of the day, I have no idea what went on between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, no one does but them. I've never met Amber, but if I had, she may have been just as accommodating. I know that they are destroying each other and it is sad and captivating to watch.

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