Yesterday, Chris and I found it fascinating to read about the behind the scenes process of the Presidential Inauguration. Whether it was how they get the White House ready for the new President and their family or finding out how much prep work goes into the actually ceremony, there's a lot we don't think about, we just turn on the tv. It's a big production and I just found out that a company in New Jersey was involved in the huge fireworks display that took place last night in Washington. I have a bunch of friends of our family who live up in North Jersey in the Berkeley Heights area. This area usually has a couple of big town events and fairs that all have pretty big fireworks displays and a few people I know, shared the post below on their Facebook pages.

That's right, a company from New Jersey, named Garden State Fireworks, supplied the fireworks for the huge display last night. Talk about being Jersey proud! Garden State Fireworks choreographed and executed the fireworks display, but also collaborated effort with Strictly FX and KEI, which both companies produced the event. I spoke with Tess, a Pyrotechnician and daughter of one of the owners of Garden State Fireworks, and she said,

"At a time when the entertainment industry is suffering so much, it’s great to come together with such a talented group of creative professionals to pull off something so great!"

Garden State Fireworks have been in business since 1890 and their factory is in Long Hill Township. Nunzio Santore owns the company along with his brother August. It is a very big family business and the entire family worked very hard on the inauguration display. Garden State Fireworks has participated in many events all over the country and beyond. They aren’t strangers to the D.C. area either! For the past 8 years they have choreographed, executed, and produced the fireworks for Washington D.C.’s July 4th at the National Mall. If you watched the display on tv last night, you saw how spectacular the fireworks were. I wish I knew they were from Jersey, I would have fist pumped to salute them.

Fireworks are one of those things that I will always get excited about. My Dad lives down the shore and in the summertime there are fireworks shot off constantly. Whether it's a holiday or not, it's just something that happens down there a lot. I'll hear fireworks and run outside to see if I can spot any. It's cool too because we can just watch them from the front yard, the backyard, or even in the middle of the street. We live on a cul de sac so we're nice and safe with our lawn chairs in the middle of the road. Maybe one day I'll get to see Garden State Fireworks put on a show. If their fireworks are good enough for the people in Washington D.C., they're definitely good enough for me.

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