Consider this somewhat of a follow-up to Tuesday’s segment which addressed the feeling that the summer season at the Jersey Shore will likely be extended well into September and maybe even October.

I’m not talking about “local summer” but let’s call it “pandemic extended summer” with many choosing to stay around for longer than usual before going back to their regular residence. That is if they leave here at all.

So with that said I’m ready to start and lead a movement and this is one that even in these politically-volatile times should not offend anyone. No fancy name, no hash tag (at least not yet). It’s based on something that has confused me for years and it has to do with the clothes and the calendar. Why do we stop wearing summer clothes in September when it’s still 75, 80 and even 90 degrees?

I imagine it won’t be long before I see a woman wearing boots with a long brown skirt on an 85 degree day.

So with that said I am calling for an extension of summer that includes your wardrobe. I’ll take the lead and promise not to wear long pants for at least the rest of this month and maybe longer.

In truth my summer clothes are my favorites. I have many shorts, shirts and even shoes I didn’t even wear over the past three months. Not only do I think we should continue to dress in the casual summer look but why can’t we continue to wear white, pink, yellow, light blue? Should I be worried that the fashion police are going to stop me because I’m not wearing brown, orange, burgundy, olive green, camel, dark turquoise, gray and mustard? Isn’t there plenty of time for those fall colors?

Our summer got off to a slow start with many still stuck inside well into June. We need a little bonus summer time and part of that is to look and feel like it’s still the best time of year at the Jersey Shore.

So come on. Join me and keep things light and bright.


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