Add this one to the long list of head shaking events from 2020. There was an earthquake last night centered in Freehold.

Many of us may have missed the 3.1 magnitude event last night because it actually happened about 2:00 am, so you may have slept right through it, but many local residents felt the shaking and reported it on social media. There are reports of people feeling the tremor in Staten Island and Queens according to

Now, while everything seems like it's happening for the first time this year, we know an earthquake in our area is not unprecedented. It was just back in August of 2011 that many of us experienced the rumbling of one of the largest earthquakes ever to be recorded on the east coast. That one was centered in the middle of Virginia and measured 5.8.

So far, there were no reports of injury or damage from the incident  The center of the quake was in East Freehold.

So add this to the list of things that are making 2020 a year that will never be forgotten for its multitude of events that range from unusual to downright frightening.

There have been reports from Jackson and Old Bridge that they felt the quake and some witnesses say their homes shook for 5 seconds during the event. If you experienced the shaking of this earthquake we want to hear from you. Tell us exactly what you felt. We want to share it with all our neighbors at the Jersey Shore.

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