What appeared to be a pipe bomb in a mailbox outside of a Plumsted home Saturday is now considered a crude, failed attempt to destroy the receptacle, and likely by a juvenile, say Ocean County investigators. That doesn't mean that Plumsted police aren't interested in tracing the source.

ThinkStock, Chalabala
ThinkStock, Chalabala

Local police who responded to the suspicious-device report on Brookwood Drive at 10:50 AM on February 25 found two small cylindrical devices taped to a larger cylinder.

They summoned the New Jersey State Police and Ocean County Sheriff's bomb squads and the County Prosecutor's Arson Unit.

State police cleared the scene. The device failed to detonate. County investigators dismantled the contraption and found two small firecrackers taped to an aerosol can.

County authorities are leaving the continuing investigation to Plumsted investigators, under the direction of Detective A.J. Mantz.

A trash can in Barnegat that exploded last Autumn was determined to be triggered by a volatile mix of organic compounds. It occurred not long after an actual incendiary device was detonated in a Seaside Park trash can at the outset of a charity race.

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