There were thousands of tweets during last night’s Academy Awards and among the best came at 12:30 a.m, just a few minutes after the telecast went off the air.

It came from the official account of Miss Universe and it read “have your people call our people-we know what to do.”  You remember back in December of 2015 when host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of the Miss Universe contest?  Well that faux pas was upstaged early this morning with many more millions of people watching as for the first time in the 89 years the wrong winner was announced on stage.

It came in the final presentation of the night when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced, after a slight pause, that “La La Land” as expected had won the Oscar for best picture.  A large group gathered on stage and the producer was well into his acceptance speech when it was discovered that Beatty had been given the wrong envelope and in fact the surprise winner of the Best Picture Oscar was “Moonlight.”

Sure enough about a dozen people associated with that film took center stage and in what was clearly an uncomfortable moment those from “La La Land” moved to the side while the audience appeared in shock.

It was a rather unfortunate (but kind of funny) ending to what I thought was the best Academy Awards show I could remember.  As I always do I stayed up to the bitter end even though it meant only three hours sleep.  I’m a movie fan and saw 7 of the 9 films nominated for best picture. Ironically “Moonlight” was one of the two I missed.

Despite predictions by many that the Oscars would be nothing more than three plus hours of Donald Trump bashing (it was not) I thought it was one of the best telecasts ever and host Jimmy Kimmel was a big reason.

He was funny and quick and while he took some shots at the White House did not cross the line.  I don’t remember anyone doing a better job of keeping things light and humorous.  The acceptance speeches by winners like Emma Stone, Casey Affleck and Viola Davis were filled with emotion and shorter than usual although the show went 45 minutes longer than scheduled. Of course nobody could have predicted the end.

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