A sea of protesters greeted Shore Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur on Thursday night as he walked into the Townsquare News Studio on Robbins Street in Toms River for an appearance on 'Ask The Congressman', where he spoke to a number of concerned residents.

One caller on the show said he has concerns over the President's mental health and business dealings, and asked Tom MacArthur if there's a point where he'd support impeaching Trump.

"Impeachment is for high crimes and misdemeanors," said MacArthur. "That is not something you throw around lightly because you don't like somebody's personality, what they say, how they do it or what they stand for."

He adds, "I'm not going to start with the presumption shortly after he became President that he somehow ought to be thrown out because the people who didn't want him elected in the first place are unhappy with it."

MacArthur adds that we need to give Trump a chance to do what he was elected to do.

"We need for the sake of our country to try and come together and give our President a chance to succeed," said MacArthur.

Other callers and protesters have anxiety with President Donald Trump's Healthcare Plan and what the future will look like after 'Obamacare' is repealed and replaced.

"I voted no to start that process because I thought it was starting too fast," said MacArthur.

He adds that despite that vote, 'Obamacare' doesn't work and needs to be replaced with something better so he's been working with party leaders to make sure they get health care reform on the right track.

"The current system is not sustainable and so we have to repair it," said MacArthur. "We have to get this right and I'm working to get it right."

Exorcising the drug demons is a major priority in combating the heroin epidemic wreaking havoc across the nation.

MacArthur who Co-Chairs the Bi-Partisan Heroin Task Force in Washington spoke on what's their next step.

"We have another hearing this week with families that have lost somebody to addiction and we're going to talk through how that started and how it happened," said MacArthur.

He adds that they also need to find a way to lock up drug dealers and prevent heroin from pouring in over the southern border.

Last week the Trump Administration revoked federal guidelines letting transgender students use the bathroom and locker room of their chosen gender identity in public schools, effectively deferring the decision to states and school boards.

One caller on 'ATC' Thursday asked MacArthur where he stands on the controversial issue.

"When President Obama got involved in that...I couldn't help but wonder, why on earth is the President of the United States telling schools what bathrooms children have to use," said MacArthur.

He says he has faith in local school boards being able to make the proper ruling on the issue.

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