It’s almost hard to imagine Point Pleasant and surrounding areas without Joe Leone’s. Thank goodness for all of us we don’t have to worry about that. And Joe Leone’s just celebrated a big occasion.

According to the Joe Leone Facebook page, it all began 24 years ago yesterday way back in 1997. And what a legacy has been built around this amazing establishment through the years. And it all starts with the food.

Any amazing food that had the good fortune of being prepared at Joe Leone’s is always fresh, delicious and wonderful. You can tell it was crafted with love and care by a master in the kitchen.

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There is really no way to calculate the number of meals, parties, special occasions, celebrations, snacks, desserts, smiles, laughs and full bellies Joe Leone is responsible for, but the number is undoubtedly jaw dropping.

But it’s more than just the outstanding food that makes Joe Leone’s special.
What makes Joe Leone’s so special in my opinion is the man behind it all.
I have had the great privilege of knowing Joe for many years.

There have been charity events, local celebrations and work related events that have sent our paths crossing. And at each encounter I saw a man whose passion, commitment and generosity literally know no bounds.

There are few like Joe Leone’s and few like Joe Leone. And we are lucky to have both in our midst.

So Joe, happy anniversary, congratulations on all you have accomplished both in the kitchen and outside it. Our community, and our bellies, are lucky to have you!

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