Our latest real estate question is concerning this old 7-11 on Route 37 in Toms River. This site is currently dark and has been shut down for awhile. It’s a busy section of Route 37 near Lakehurst Road. Recently we have seen several 7-11’s close in Ocean County.

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We usually throw out the question “what’s next?” And this is the same for this location. Whether the existing building is used, the former 7-11, or the 7-11 is demolished and a new building goes up…..what do you think is the best idea for this location? So many vacant lots and buildings here in Ocean County, we need to start rebuilding these areas……a small sitting park would be better than a decaying old vacant building, agree?

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Shawn Michaels


Funny thing about this location is, that it used to be a place I went as a kid with my friends to get treats at 7-11. Summer was always a walk to 7-11 with our change (money) to grab a slurpee and maybe some penny candy. I remember the bazooka bubble gum was a favorite. Occasionally when we went for our 7-11 trip we would get baseball cards, then sit outside on the sidewalk and “flip” our cards. Childhood sports gambling lol and sometimes you won and sometimes you lost all your baseball cards lol . Another thing we loved at this 7-11 was “wacky packages” always fun collecting the stickers.

Sad seeing the old hangout dark and vacant, it has been for awhile…..guess I didn’t notice recently. Now I have a craving for a slurpee lol


Shawn Michaels

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