Once someone posts an opinion on Facebook, for the most part, all hell breaks loose. Think about it, every day you come across a Facebook argument, whether it's related to politics, sports, music, or food. Arguing and fighting on Facebook is not healthy for the average human being... but I'm not going to lie, sometimes I think it's hysterical. For example, I am a Facebook member of Jersey Sandwich Joints, which is a ten thousand person group. It's a cool Facebook group because you are able to learn about tasty New Jersey sandwich shops. However, every day hundreds of people argue about the difference between Pork Roll & Taylor Ham. It's a mix of pride and stupidity.

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I am also a Facebook group member of Wall Township Locals and I came across a very strong opinion. Someone said, "Just had one of the best sushi burritos I’ve ever had from the NEW ShopRite. Don’t miss the sushi counter!"  I checked out the comments and many people were agreeing. One person said, "I just went too and got the spicy tuna rolls. Delicious!" and another person said, "I so agree! I had something from there yesterday and I will be back."

Of course, I'm thinking, "Really... ShopRite Sushi...NO WAY!" I had to go and taste-test!

The beautiful new ShopRite of Belmar recently opened and it's been receiving nothing but positive reviews from Belmar & Wall Township locals. It's clean, state of the art, and yes... the sushi is some of the best at the Jersey Shore...it's not actually "ShopRite" sushi but there's a sushi place/ restaurant inside the supermarket! It's called Omakase Sushi and you gotta try it!

"ShopRite Sushi" Better Known As Omakase Sushi

By the way, It's Pork Roll!

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