The Top 15 Monmouth County, NJ Hibachi Restaurants You Need To Eat At
There are a few professions I would be terrible at and one of those professions is being a hibachi chef. Not only are you under pressure to cook the food for people to enjoy, but you also have to put on a show. To be honest, I can't even flip over a grilled cheese correctly, these chefs are making onion volcanos and tossing pieces of zucchini across the table with their spatulas!
The Secret Is Already Out?! The Jersey Shore’s Best Sushi Is Made In Belmar, New Jersey
Once someone posts an opinion on Facebook, for the most part, all hell breaks loose. Think about it, every day you come across a Facebook argument, whether it's related to politics, sports, music, or food. Arguing and fighting on Facebook is not healthy for the average human being... but I'm not going to lie, sometimes I think it's hysterical. For example, I am a Facebook member of Jersey Sandwich Joints, which is a ten thousand person group. It's a cool Facebook group because you are able to learn about tasty New Jersey sandwich shops. However, every day hundreds of people argue about the difference between Pork Roll & Taylor Ham. It's a mix of pride and stupidity.