New Jersey has plenty of history with ties to several significant battles, speeches and moments but if you're looking to explore American History outside of the Garden State, then Virginia is a must vacation trip.

I went on a family vacation down to Virginia and loving history the way I do, I was more than excited to visit four of the many historical towns and sites in VA, all with ties to the Revolutionary War and even back to New Jersey.

On separate days with trips to Busch Gardens, Virginia Beach and a couple other places mixed in-between, we went to George Washington's home in Mount Vernon, the historic Jamestown settlement, Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown.

You'll need at least 3-4 days to walk around, take tours and absorb as much information as possible about each of these places but I assure you now that they are all well worth it and gives you some context of what happened, when and why during the American Revolution and beyond.

Check out these photos and then take the tour for yourself!

Take a Virtual History Tour through historic Virginia

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