Cemeteries are not a fun subject, but they are one that involves memories, honor, and quite often history. Not to mention the love of the families left behind. In this case, it's a little of everything I just mentioned.

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I recently paid a visit to the Old Methodist Cemetery in Downtown Toms River. This old cemetery was established in 1828. It's located on the corner of Hooper Avenue and Washington Street in Toms River.

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This 193-year-old cemetery has a connection to the American Revolutionary War. This little cemetery in Toms River has three graves of soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War.


Shawn Michaels


Private Timothy Page

Private Timothy Page served in the New Jersey Regiment, Monmouth County Militia in Captain Wycoff's and Coward Companies. Born in 1763 / Died on Halloween 1840

Shawn Michaels

Private William Williams

Private William Williams served in Captain Lloyd's Co., 2nd Brigade New Jersey Continental Line. Born 1765 / Died September 10th, 1842


Shawn Michaels


Captain James Newell

(No Further Information Available)


All three gravesites are marked within the graveyard to honor these American Revolutionary War heroes. We thank them for their service.

I always find it so very interesting to learn about the history that happened right here at the Jersey Shore. Always fascinating to learn about what happened here years ago. This is a great connection to the American Revolutionary War dating back to 1776, right here in Ocean County.


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