Here is a question you might have tossed around when out with friends or simply sitting with a group of people, especially at a restaurant.  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?  The answer might vary depending on your age…I would think a 16-year old might make a choice very different from say a 50-year old…or would they?

Anyway I searched the internet and saw some bizarre answers to the question but I think we could agree that PIZZA would be the top choice for several reasons.  First you can make or get it in many different ways including a large selection of toppings and crust options which would at least help the boredom factor.

Among other choices I came across that you could argue for were SUSHI, CHEESEBURGER, MACARONI & CHEESE, STEAK, SPAGHETTI, FRENCH FRIES, FRIED CHICKEN, GRILLED CHEESE, FRIED RICE, PANCAKES & MASHED POTATOES.  Of course from a health standpoint eating some of these everyday might lead to a much shortened life.

Could you eat these every day?
Could you eat these every day?

Others I saw which were head-scratchers included ICE CREAM, BACON, NACHOS, CHEESECAKE, DOUGNUTS, CHOCOLATE CAKE, HOT DOGS and LOBSTER which would be very expensive.

By the way I also came across CHICKEN SOUP which considering its medicinal value might be an option for #1 on the list.


Chicken Soup might not be a bad option
Rafal Stachura

As for me…I’ll go with the masses and pick Pizza.

When all is said and done I'm picking pizza (or in this case a tomato pie) Google Maps
When all is said and done I'm picking pizza (or in this case a tomato pie)
Google Maps


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