Howell Police are putting resident son alert about a new scam involving a Megan's Law notification.

Several businesses, residences and schools have told police they received a letter in the mail that looks like a Megan's Law notification naming a Howell resident/business owner.

Police said that "THIS LETTER IS FAKE"  as the person named in said letter is NOT subject to any type of investigation, prosecution or conviction of any offense related to Megan’s Law.

The letter is deceptive to the first glance at it but as police investigated these letters they spotted a letter that "is poorly written and constructed."

Police ask that if you receive this letter, marked on the exterior with an address of the State of New Jersey (see photo), to handle it as little as possible and do not open it as it may be of evidentiary value.

"We already have several in our possession. You can bring it to the PD or call 732-938-4111 and have an officer come to you. We believe this letter was sent in retaliation for operating a successful business and to prevent further growth opportunities."

For those who did receive this letter and want to double check its claims and information, police say that you can access the sex offender registry at and type in the name and see how a community notification is actually conducted.

"This is a serious offense. It’s malicious and evil. We are actively involved in this investigation to determine the source. We have included our federal law enforcement partners as well."

For those who have any information pertaining to this incident, please contact Detective Benitez at 732-938-4575 x6627, inbox Howell Police on Facebook Messenger or use their anonymous tip service

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