So this ongoing series, honoring Jersey Shore Firefighters, takes us to Southern Ocean County and a look at the Tuckerton Fire Department. I like being able to visit the local firehouses and get photos and share some history about the various departments. I hope to go and visit various fire departments throughout the Jersey Shore over the next several months. The men and women who serve our communities deserve our thanks and recognition for the great work they do for us.

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Taking a look at the Tuckerton Fire Department website, the department dates back to 1895. The original meeting to begin the department occurred in Tuckerton on December 21, 1894. Making the department about 126 years old.

The original firehouse was built where Stewart’s Root Beer stands today on Route 9 near the Tuckerton Seaport. The Current firehouse, 87 years old, is located on Route 539 in the Downtown section of Tuckerton. The current building was dedicated on January 2nd 1934. An addition was built on to the firehouse in the 1950s.

Interesting fact, the Tuckerton Fire Department donated a fire truck to McClellanville, South Carolina......after the town was devastated by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Another historical tidbit is that T. Frank Pharo was the department's very first Fire Chief....elected in 1895. Current Fire Chief is Dale Eggert (2017-Present)

CLICK HERE  for more information about the Tuckerton Fire Department. The Tuckerton Fire Department is 100% volunteer and we thank the men and women for their dedication and service. If you have stories and/or pics to share of the department please feel free to share and post in the comments section below.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


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