BRICK – Officers in Brick are being hailed heroes after they helped save a young toddler’s life earlier this month.

On June 9th, Melissa and Ryan Travers were giving their 21-month-old child, Bruce, a bath with his sibling when he vomited and began immediately choking on it. Ryan began back blows to try and stop his son from choking without avail.

While waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, Bruce began to go limp and Melissa, who is a nurse, started CPR.

Officer Tyler Stephenson was the first to arrive on the scene and immediately administered a series of stiff back blows that dislodged the obstruction.

Even though the vomit was dislodged, they were not out of the woods yet. Because of the amount of material that Bruce vomited, his airway was still blocked.

Officer Kevin Docherty used his fingers to sweep out the vomit and food left over in Bruce’s mouth.

By the time EMT’s arrived on the scene, Bruce was able to breathe, but his breath was shallow, and he was lethargic.

Bruce spent a few days in the hospital but was soon released with a clean bill of health.

Both Officer Stephenson and Docherty reunited with the family and snapped the picture below:

Brick Officers Save Toddler (BTPD)
Brick Officers Save Toddler (BTPD)

Dan Alexander contributed to this report.

Mark Anthony is a reporter for Townsquare Media:

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