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There are certain products that experts say should not be cleaned with disinfecting wipes, and since we're trying to disinfect everything these days, this is information we should know.

I guess the first mountain to climb is to find disinfecting wipes in the first place. You can't use them on the wrong items, or the right ones for that matter if you can't find a place to buy them.

But let's assume that you have your hands on the elusive disinfecting wipes. Experts say there are some common daily items that you should never use them on, according to Cheapism.

Here are some items you should keep your disinfecting wipes away from...

Keep The Wipes Away

These are just some of the items that you need to keep those wipes away from. We all have a completely natural and normal desire to keep everything beyond clean these days, but we certainly don't want to ruin our stuff in the process.

You can check out the complete list of items the experts say you should avoid using the wipes on at Cheapism. Stay safe, be careful, keep your stuff clean and don't damage your favorite things.

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