"It had a red eye and I think it new I was looking at it ", are words used by a witness to describe a UFO that was reportedly spotted over a Vineland residence.

The report, found on the National UFO Reporting Center website, describes the encounter that reportedly took place on May 30, 2020.

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The description of the event was provided by a person who was not identified. The exact location in Vineland was not given.

The unedited and uncorrected description on the site reads as follows:

My dad and my uncle where outside eating burgers I had left his house to bring my wife water because we where out.so I came back to my dads house and he and my uncle told me what they saw a cigar shape metallic object in the sky. I kinda laughed and joked a little and said it was a plain or a bird, than my dad went inside the house then my uncle and me started talking about it and while we was talking something coght my eye in the sky and I grabbed my uncles binoculars and ran to the front of the house and what ever it was had lightning coming out of it than when I took a look with the binoculars I was in shocked It was black and it had a big red eye almost like the transformers movie the character cyclops and it also had metallic black tentacles or cables on it and it was square like and it's like he knew I was looking at him. To be honest I have never seen nothing like that it look like a flying gas generator,than my uncle wanted to take a look at it and h! e saw it to but not that clear like I did it was already far away and it disappeared. Than I sat down in front of the house and we kept looking at the sky than my brother came and we told him the story and while we was talking I notice something below the moon like a weard baby blue or white color in the blue sky than something shiny appeared something entirely different we are not alone there was activity this day .where my dad lives is near hance bridge rd. Vineland and the activity was in the farm fields. Manetico river is there.who ever its watching something is there.


Have you seen anything in the sky near you? Maybe the better question is, has anything in the sky near you been looking at you?


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