Beware! New Online Scam!
It seems to happen a lot, the “scam” and YOU at home are the target. Predators are out there and they are looking for YOU and want to take advantage of YOU and your family.
New Jersey Police Warn of ‘Widespread Scam’ Targeting JCP&L Customers
Do you know what a parasite is? According to Merriam-Webster, it is someone that exploits "another while giving little or nothing in return." Folks that scam others out of their money are nothing short of parasites. Sadly, there's another "widespread scam" going around New Jersey. Here's what you need to know.
Oh No! The Latest Scam at the Jersey Shore?
From time to time we see various scams emerge and some have been here before and I am pretty sure although this is my first time seeing this particular scam, it's made the rounds before. It's an email scam that preys on law abiding citizens and hopes to get you to click on to their erroneous links. So here is what happened to me.....