Here at the Jersey Shore, we know every idiosyncrasy of the "tourist", but every once in a while, we become one ourselves.

Being a tourist is quite a humbling experience at times, and I learned it firsthandlast week at a lovely place called Williamsburg, Virginia.

Diane and I hadn't been away on vacation with my parents in a few years, and we all decided to take a week and go somewhere together this summer. Because all of our schedules are a little crazy, we wound up booking late and it turned out we wound up in one of America's biggest July 4th destinations.

Our goal was to relax and get away from it all, and we did just that, but the one day we decided to check out Colonial Williamsburg, was July 4th. Tourist mistake #1!

Here a a couple of other tourist things yours truly pulled off last week...

I parked at the Visitor Center...I figured that was a safe place to start the day, and I found a parking spot pretty easily (that should have been my first sign, right?). Of course I found a quick spot. That lot was  about a one mile walk to the village we wanted to go to.

We walked that mile...It was $130 a couple to get the full pass for all the festivities, including tours, shuttle bus and fireworks, but we were only planning on staying for a couple of hours to do a little shopping, so we passed on the passes. That decision was made before I knew it was a one mile walk.

When the temperature hit 100, I decided to trek back alone to get the car to save everybody else that long hot walk only to find out from guest services that the shuttles were free on the 4th of July. Ouch.

The moral of the nice and patient with our tourists this summer. You never know when you may become one yourself!

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