The weekend weather has been pretty amazing for the most part this summer, but has that led to the worst traffic summer we have seen in a long time?

Let's start by saying the great weather has brought some good numbers for local businesses and that is always awesome. Especially after a summer that featured rain on the weekends (or at least the threat of it) for about 70% of the weekends last summer.

But that traffic caused, well, a lot of traffic for local travelers. It was kind of like the weather this summer, when it was bad, it was extremely bad. And it seems to be happening all week long, not just Friday and Sunday.

Now we know we've recently added Thursday to the list of getaway days, but based on what I observed this summer, we were seeing more summer traffic every day of the week. I'm sure we'll be seeing data soon to see if that's really the truth.

It's a pretty bittersweet time of year for us. The summer is winding down, but before you know it, the roads will be opening up for those of us who use them all year round.

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