You know the picture rings a bell, you're sure you've passed this place a thousand times, but were you able to identify the location in this picture?

Sometimes the things we see all the time are the hardest one's to pinpoint when you see them out of context. This picture is of a very popular business on a very well traveled road.

As a matter of fact, people in Brick might think there are too many cars on their part of this road. Wait, was that another clue? Why, yes it was.So, do you think you can identify this place?

In case you missed the clues, let's recap them for you. Here's what we told you about this location already...

This photo was taken in Northern Ocean County.

This business has multiple locations, all in Ocean County as well.

Once you get the answer to this one it will definitely provide you the sweetness of victory.

We also gave you a little bonus clue yesterday by saying that you shouldn't burn too many calories trying to answer this one.

So, with all that, did you come up with the answer. If you chose a place in Brick, you're still in it. If that place is on Route 88, you're getting warmer. If you said Van Holten's, then you're hot enough to melt chocolate.

Van Holten
Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

Van Holten's has three locations. There is the Brick, the Seaside Heights location, and a location in Lacey. The photo is the Brick location. And by the way, I went home with a big bag of deliciousness the day I took that picture. That was a good day.

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