There really is nothing better than doing a LIVE radio broadcast on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Seriously, everything about the boardwalk experience is tremendous! The buildings are legendary, the food is tasty, the activities are fun, and the beach is beautiful. It's a great experience and I am thankful my office is the Asbury Park Boardwalk for at least one day out of the week.

We will continue broadcasting LIVE from the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio every Friday & Saturday until September 25th. Stop by, say hello, and win a few prizes!

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One of the coolest things about doing a show on the Asbury Park Boardwalk is having the opportunity to meet random people. People of all walks of life stop by the studio just to say hello. It's fun and you simply never know who might make an appearance.

For example, the other day, I had the pleasure of meeting Capt. Keith Colburn from the television series Deadliest Catch! He loves the Grateful Dead, so the night before I met him, he saw Dead & Company in New York City. The next day, he made a quick pit stop in Asbury Park before seeing another Dead & Company show in Philadelphia. Who would have thought?! Freaking Capt. Keith Colburn checking out the sights and sounds of the Asbury Park Boardwalk!

You can watch Capt. Keith controlling the Wizard on the Discovery Channel. If you watch the show, you know Captain Keith is a Deadliest Catch legend. He was a stand-up guy and I am thankful I got to shake his hand. I even got a picture with him...

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As a first-generation crabber, Keith fishes with a desire to prove himself and the constant stress of maintaining a round-the-clock costly operation. At the age of 22, Keith left behind his life as a Lake Tahoe ski bum to seek his fortune up north. He jumped on a plane with his best friend and landed in Kodiak, Alaska with no experience, a tent, and $50. With only a hazy, but romantic, the vision of working at sea and the rumor of big paydays, Keith was determined to try something new and exciting. He started as a true greenhorn on the crabber Alaska Trader.

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