You always hear New Jersey residents fight with each other regarding whether it's called "pork roll" or "Taylor Ham".

It's pork roll, but that's not the argument we're here to solve today. Instead, we'll be highlighting another popular Jersey breakfast dish that is often outshined by the pork roll vs. Taylor Ham debate.

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Ladies and gentlemen, cue cream chipped beef.

I can't sit here and lie to you, just the thought of it makes me gag a bit. Still, people love it here in the Garden State. If you're unfamiliar with cream chipped beef, maybe you know it by another name. Ever hear of, *ahem*, S*** on a Shingle? It's basically the Northeast's version of biscuits and gravy. It's cream chipped beef slathered onto a piece of toast, hence the name.

Search any Jersey-themed Facebook group and you're sure to find some mentioning of cream chipped beef. It's a staple.

You have to remember one key point about people who live in the Garden State. There's a rich military presence in New Jersey. Almost everyone has an immediate relative or someone they're in close contact with who has served in one branch of the military or another. Of course, SOS (cream chipped beef on toast) was a common meal served in the chow hall for many of the veterans that call Jersey home.

So, is that why you can order cream chipped beef for breakfast in ANY New Jersey diner? That's definitely a possibility. Is S*** On A Shingle as popular as pork roll and scrapple? Probably not. It is, however, something uniquely specific to this state that separates us from them, them being literally everyone else in the country.

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