Recently, we were talking about the Wawa ready opening on Rt. 70 in Brick, and another one is going to open soon, too. WOW, a lot of Wawa's are taking over Brick.

This Wawa is located on Rt. 88, right on the corner of Jack Martin Blvd. in Brick. A brand new super Wawa is ready to open soon on Rt. 88. The Rt. 70 Wawa and the Rt. 88 Wawa are both super Wawa's with gasoline. I just drove by the new Wawa on Rt. 88 last night, it's getting closer and closer to the grand opening. Soon Brick will have three large constructions. Royal Farms and the two Wawa's within miles of each other. Each one of the massive convenience stores will have gasoline.

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Both roads are heavily populated on a regular day in Ocean County, let alone the summer traffic heading to Pt. Pleasant Beach and other surrounding beaches in the summertime. I believe the Wawa, at these locations, are perfect. Although, once again the traffic could be and probably will be a pain.

It doesn't matter what time it is, there are always people in Wawa. No matter what time of the day, Wawa is always busy. I remember working in a mid-western state for my first couple years of being on the radio and there was no Wawa. I couldn't believe it, where was I going to get my favorite iced tea.

When I see a Wawa close by, I know I'm home.

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