First, let's begin with the "safest" state in America. A new survey out by Consumer Affairs took a look at safety here in the United States and which states were safest and which states were the most unsafe. This information was recently published by Patch.

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In the Consumer Affairs article, New Jersey scored highest as the safest state in America. New Jersey did very well in key areas like law enforcement. Other takeaways from the survey included the fact that 8 of the 10 safest states were all here in the northeast. Arkansas was the state that scored lowest as the most unsafe state in America.

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New Jersey scored well in several key areas of the survey including property crimes, law enforcement budget per employee, violent crimes, and law enforcement officers per population.

Included in the survey were the safest rankings for the small town, midsize town, and large city for New Jersey, and congratulations to Toms River which received the award for a safest large city in the Garden State. Toms River ranked highest in larger towns here in New Jersey. Congratulations also to Mantoloking which received the nod for the safest small town. In Monmouth County, Matawan was named the safest midsize town. A complete sweep for Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

"New Jersey’s distinction as the safest state in the U.S. in our rankings is in large part due to its runaway score in the law enforcement officers per capita category, which is over 100% greater than the national average."

So congratulations again to Toms River, Mantoloking, and Matawan, the safest towns in New Jersey and the Garden State as the "SAFEST" state in America!


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