So it's official - my fiance Kate (fiance... wow that still feels weird to say) is in full wedding-planning mode - which means I am also in full wedding-planning mode.  For the foreseeable future our weekends will be filled with wedding expos and reception hall open houses.  This is obviously not top on my list of things I'd like to do with my time off, but if it makes her happy then that's what we will be doing.  As I'm going through these new and unusual adventures, I thought it would be fun (and therapeutic) to chronicle my tails of engaged life.  

While going to school I was taught that pre-production is the most important aspect of the production process.  If this is true, then we will have one heck of a wedding waiting for us.

The first purchase Kate made following the engagement was this Ultimate Wedding Workbook & Organizer.

Wedding Book
Barnes & Noble

Features of this book include comprehensive checklists, budget analysis and strict timelines of events needed to pull off the ideal wedding and reception.  This was the moment I realized that this was not going to be a relaxing journey into married life.  Combine this organizer with the endless supply of wedding and bridal magazines that have infiltrated our house and you can see we have enough reading material to plan at least a dozen ceremonies.

The next step will be finding the right place and date.  We have scouted a bunch of locations already but still have a few more stops on our holy matrimony tour before we decide (although we do have an early favorite).  After we jump that hurdle comes the easy stuff  like creating a guest list, seating charts, floral arrangements, picking a photographer, DJ, etc. ... now that I think about it, eloping seems like a GREAT idea!

I will be updating my chronicles as often as news-worthy events happen so keep checking back and feel free to leave me any advice you think might help - any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

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