I am screaming! Y'all know how much I love Dunkin’. If I could go there three times a day, but not have to spend my own money I would absolutely do it. Unfortunately, life just just does not work out that way.

 As if I already didn't love them enough, this news made me love them so much more. Dunkin now has their own line of wedding merchandise!  Now, I already have some of their merch. By some I literally just mean one item. I have the Dunkin’ hoodie. It is one of the softest pieces of clothing I have ever had and it draws so much attention whenever I wear it. It's definitely a conversation starter, so if you are a person that has lots of anxiety I do not suggest wearing it in the public eye. Tons of people will come up and talk to you.

With weddings, many people think of the theme they're going to have. I've been to a couple of weddings in my lifetime and it seems like most of the things are just color oriented, but I love weddings that have a legit theme. I have to go to a wedding coming up this year and I'm super excited to go. I know that the both of them are obsessed with Disney, so the entire wedding is going to be Disney themed. So this had me thinking, will my wedding be a Dunkin’ theme? I have the opportunity now!

 According to Food and Wine, Dunkin' just launched their wedding merchandise. On their website you can find items such as  Dunkin’ themed veils, Dunkin’ themed  bow ties, and even some Dunkin’ themed tees that say, ” will you marry me?”

 I don't know about you guys, but I think this is a brilliant idea. Especially as a wedding favor!



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