If you are a lover of chips COVERED in cheese and other amazing toppings, this post is for you, my friend. 

Nachos are fun all year round, but there's something that makes them taste even better during the Summer (possibly the fact that you can eat them outdoors and pair them with a margarita?)

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If you're now in the mood for nachos, no need to go searching for the best ones in Ocean County - you can find them below ranked on a scale from 1-5 avocados, and judged based on nacho deliciousness (of course), ambiance, and drink pairings.

1. Spicy Cantina in Seaside Heights - 4.5/5 Avocados

When you're craving nachos on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, Spicy's is where it's at. The vibe is SO much fun, there's always great music playing, it feels like a giant party, and if you're sitting on the top floor, you get an amazing view of the Ocean. Their nacho platter is delicious - it's topped with refried beans, cheese, sour cream, pico, guac, and jalapenos, and you can wash it down with one of their classic margaritas (strawberry for me, please!) I ranked them 4.5/5 Avocados because I remember having to wipe my hands a lot, but it's worth the mess for sure!

2. Beacon 70 in Brick - 5/5 Avocados

If you're craving some Beacon 70 nachos, you'll have to make sure you're going for dinner since they're only available on the dinner menu. And they've got 2 kinds for you to choose from Pulled Chicken and Beef Short Rib, but if you're a vegetarian like me, don't worry - they'll hold the meat. I'm ranking these cheesy treats a full 5/5 Avocados because they're delicious, they have all the right ingredients (black beans, cheddar, guac, sour cream, and more), the ambiance is gorgeous - you can look right at the marina, and the drink menu is top-notch.

3. Margarita's in Toms River - 4/5 Avocados

Margarita's is always a go-to when you're looking for delicious nachos in Ocean County. They've got a fun atmosphere, a huge variety of drinks on the menu, and delicious nachos! You can choose from the Nachos El Deluxo (which is melted cheese, refried beans, chilies, guac, and sour cream) or the Loaded Skillet Nachos (refried beans, meat, queso, jack, and cheddar cheese, jalapenos, guac, and sour cream!) I ranked Margaritas a 4/5 Avocados since it's only an indoor restaurant, but that means you can have fun there year-round!

4. The Ark - Point Pleasant Beach - 5/5 Avocados

The Ark on Route 35 may be small, but their food is MIGHTY! This is always a fun spot to hit up after spending a day at Jenkinson's. The staff is friendly, and they definitely have some of the best nachos I've ever tasted - the chips are crispy, the cheese is perfectly melted, and there's the perfect amount of toppings. If you're a beer person, The Ark won't disappoint, they have A TON to choose from. Since everything about these nachos are perfect, The Ark gets 5/5 Avocados.

5. River Rock Restaurant and Marina Bar in Brick - 4/5 Avocados

River Rock is always a blast - and their nachos are great too! They come with all your normal fixings and a side of chili. I love that they put the chili on the side because it's a nice compromise if you're sharing with a vegetarian like me. The restaurant has a beautiful view of the marina if you're seated outside (or they've got that little sandy area that's a lot of fun too), and the drinks are popping at the bar.

Where's your favorite place to get nachos in Ocean County?

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