So when my sisters and I lived with our parents in our childhood home, there was this KILLER ice cream parlor nearby. It is called Super Scoops.

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Well, one Summer, my sister Alyssa started working here. The job came with free ice cream so every single night, she would come home with some humongous ice cream concoction that her and her coworkers invented for the day.

She became addicted to ice cream.

Eventually....she didn't work there anymore. But that didn't mean that didn't still that craving for ice cream EVERY. SINGLE. SUMMER. NIGHT. 

So every summer, once we all finished eating dinner, like clockwork....

"Who wants to get ice cream with me?!"

Sometimes, everyone would raise their hands and sometimes, they wouldn't because eating ice cream every single night can be a lot.

She would get furious when no one would eat ice cream with her so on those nights, she would get SUUUUPER close to my face and and say:

"You're getting ice cream with me...what do you want?"

There may have been some profanity that was usually included in that sentence but we will skip that part of the story.

So long story is her fault that I crave ice cream 24/7 every Summer.

So that is the inspiration of this article and why I thought it would be super important for you to know where all the best of the best parlors are at the Jersey Shore.

If I missed a place, PLEASE email me at so they can be added to the list.

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