Atlantic City explosive experts successfully defused and disposed of two World War II-era explosives on a Cape May Beach yesterday.

In a report from, the explosives from World War II were found in the backyard of a residence on Elmira Street in Cape May according to the Cape May Police Facebook page. The Atlantic City Bomb Squad, Cape May Police, and the Cape May Fore department all responded to the residence in Cape May.

In an email to, Cape May Police Chief Dekon W. Fashaw Sr. said, "The homeowner was having the yard cleared of debris and landscaped when the ordnances were located."

Several homes on Elmira Street were evacuated for safety purposes and the two artillery shells were safely denoted on the Cape May beach.

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photo courtesy of Cape May Police Facebook Page
Photo courtesy of Cape May Police Facebook Page

Sources: nj.comCape May Police Department Facebook Page,

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