You never realize how one small thing could play a huge part in your life until it's gone.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day for me. Wake up, text with my Mom, do some things around my apartment; until lunchtime rolled around. I was grabbing my food off the stove and walked back to my desk where my phone was sitting. I set my food down and pressed the power button to check if I had any new messages. Nothing happened - it was just a dark screen. My phone battery had been on 20%, so I figured it just died, right? I plugged the phone in. Still nothing. Maybe my charger had died? I tried another one. Nope. It was still a black screen.

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And now the panic sets in.

Listen - you can cue all the jokes about how millennials can't be without their phones. I'm ready for that. But in this case, it's a little more serious. My family lives in a different state, and I don't have a landline. My phone is the only way I can contact them if I'm not at home.

I needed a phone ASAP. The only store that had an appointment available was a few towns away, so I braced myself to travel without a phone. But thankfully, my SUV still has a GPS! Right? Wrong. The entertainment console decided to freeze and restart on me. Clearly, it wasn't a good day for technology. Luckily, I knew a longer route to get to the store, so I just took that until my GPS decided to join me.

Sadly, they couldn't revive my old phone (RIP), but I was able to get a new one, HOWEVER - 3 years of my photos were GONE (the cloud could only hold so much), and I had to frantically find passwords and get back into important accounts. Major first-world problems, but still stressful!

If there's anything you've learned from my technology tragedy, BACK YOUR STUFF UP! You never know when your phone will just quit on you.

And I have total respect for everyone who lived a cell phone-free life.

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