Check this out. While preparing to go away on vacation, I went through our old coin bins. Even though we have E-ZPass, I like to always have extra change on hand when traveling for those "just in case" moments.

So as I was going through one of our many coin containers, I came across an old Garden State Parkway fare token. I remember hanging onto this way back, but have long forgotten about it. It's pretty cool to have come across it, especially since the last year they were used was back in 2008.

It also brought back memories to when I was a kid, when I would travel the GSP with my grandmother. She would often buy rolls of fare tokens so she wouldn't have to deal with finding exact change at the toll plazas. It's crazy how something that seems so insignificant can bring back so many memories.

Whether this brings back memories for you, or you've never known about this before, here's a quick look back at the history of the Garden State Parkway fare token.

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