Dan is off for one day more, so Wednesday's headline and lede are nods to him and all the other musical theater fanatics in our newsroom, with rain expected to make a brief return to the Garden State in the evening hours.

(Can you figure out which Broadway show I've been referencing? This is an easy one.)

As we said a day ago, the daytime on Wednesday will -- finally! -- bring sun back to New Jersey, with a northwest breeze and high temperatures ranging from the upper 40s to possibly, the mid-50s in some spots.

Clouds will then increase as we head into Wednesday evening, and showers have the potential to develop later on. Lows remain above the freezing mark (anywhere from 38-44 degrees across the state), so this should be an all-rain event.

The rain is scheduled to move out sometime Thursday morning, with the sun coming out and the wind picking up again by the afternoon. That wind may be gusty ... perhaps too much so to call it just a "breeze," but we don't have a good handle just yet on how strong those gusts will get.

Highs on Thursday vary greatly: from around 40 in northwest New Jersey to, again, the mid-50s along the southeast coast.

Cloud cover takes over on Friday, and in the northwest part of the state there exists a potential for snow flurries, as high temperatures will only reach the mid-40s at best, and just the upper 30s in many areas.

Saturday and Sunday right now look to be very similar to each other: sunny and breezy, with high temps right around Friday's marks -- perhaps even a degree or two cooler.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow will return on Thursday, Jan. 26. Patrick Lavery produces "New Jersey's First News" and is New Jersey 101.5's morning drive breaking news reporter.

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