LAKEWOOD — The last time State Police Sgt. Sean Boag had seen this Ocean County family a month ago, it was along the side of the Garden State Parkway. But the most recent time on Friday, it was under far more pleasant circumstances.

Boag was headed home on a Friday afternoon in December 2015 when he heard a call come in from an expectant Lakewood couple on the northbound Parkway in Middletown. He was close by and responded within minutes, helping to deliver a healthy baby girl, police said. The family was taken to Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank.

Boag said he's reminded about the occasion every day by a picture he keeps of the baby in his office. The picture had been dropped off by her grandparents.

The father of three had not spoken to the parents and was surprised by their visit to the station.They let Boag know that they consider him a "gift from God" for helping to deliver their child.

"We see a lot of bad stuff on the highway. It was good to actually see life rather than somebody losing their life," Boag said, adding that he credits the Turnpike Authority provides officers with advanced first aid training. "The Authority constantly is trying to find ways to support the troopers help the public. I believe that some of that training came in handy that day."

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