There is no doubt if you are driving on the Garden State Parkway, or any of New Jersey's local roads, you will see one or two jaw-droppingly bad driving moves every time you're on the road.

Some of these moves are one of a kind "did I just see that" kind of moments, but some are much more typical than we'd like them to be. We see dozens of bad driving moves on the Garden State's roads, but here are four that I seem to see on an almost daily basis. See if you agree.

Here are 4 Annoying and Dangerous New Jersey Driving Moves...

4 Classic NJ Driving Moves

Believe me, we know these are not the only bad moves we see on our roads, not by a long shot. we'd love you to share your roadway experiences with us. One thing is for sure, Driving in New Jersey is never boring.

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